Photos Sikorsky VS-44A , Grumman G-73 Mallard , Sikorsky S-39
Grumman G-73 Mallard , Sikorsky VS-44A , Sikorsky S-39

Sikorsky VS-44A Exeter NC-41882 Salvage Recovery and Restoration

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Photos Sikorsky VS-44A , Grumman G-73 Mallard , Sikorsky S-39

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G-73 S-39 VS-44A .....................................

Pictures...  Special Note: Many thanks to Dustin M. Clesi for providing photos of  Grumman Mallard c/n J24 / N2965. His father, Joseph N. Clesi III, flew this Mallard for over 20 years. He is pitchured in the left seat of the "Cockpit Interior" photo and was Captain of J-24.   He is also pictured as receiving the award in the "N2965...22 Years Federal Service" from Major General Davis.  G-73 Mallard N2965 / J24 was owned by the US Army, Corps of Engineers (Miss. River Commission) for 23 years. The "Black Mallard" flew Generals, Senators and 2 Presidents. Dustin is pictured as a small boy in the cockpit of Mallard J24 / N2965 in the last photo.        

N41881 c/n 4403 at Catalina Island

VS-44A instrument panel 4/21/42 probably c/n 4402 NX-41880

G-73 Mallard NC-41824 c/n J1

N41881 c/n 4403 arrives for restoration, 1983.

N41881 c/n 4403 prior to restoration, 1983.

Mother Goose, August 1967, N41881 c/n 4403

G-73 Mallard N5115 c/n J42

VS-44A, N41881, c/n 4403, circa 1963

S-39, NC-52V, c/n 914

G-73 Mallard N7306 c/n J6

G-73 Mallard N2978 c/n J45 (wingtip floats removed)

G-73 Mallard N2954 c/n J14

G-73 Mallard N777PV c/n J49

G-73 Mallard N777PV c/n J49

G-73 Mallard N168WA c/n J5

G-73 Mallard N2969 c/n J27

G-73 Mallard N2969 c/n J27

G-73 Mallard VH-TGA c/n J13 1963

N2965 c/n J24 "Black Mallard" in flight

N2965 c/n J24 Grumman G-73 Mallard based at Vicksburg, Mississippi.

N2965 c/n J24 approaching the ramp

N2965 c/n J24 up the ramp..... This Mallard was called the "Black Mallard"

"Up Ramp" photos of N2965 taken at Brady MT, Lake Ouachita, Hot Springs, Arkansas....a Corps of Engineers project. Appx. 1969

N2965 J24 Cockpit interior

N2965......22 Years Federal Service. Perfect Safety Record.....Zero Accidents.

N-2965....One Last Look

G-73 Mallard NC-2958 / J18, December 17, 1952.

Sikorsky S-39 Data Plate c/n 915 NC-53V ( replica )

G-73 Mallard N100BR c/n J35 ( Photo: Charlie Pyles Air Pix Collection )

NC-2958 / J18 Grumman Mallard flies over Love Field, Texas, December 17, 1952